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Rosemary salted chips

Rosemary salted chips

Tom first decided to make rosemary salted chips at 2am for his uni mates, after a long night working in a pub in Brighton. He mixed salt, lemon zest and rosemary and loved the taste – and the crunch. So when we opened Honest, they were the only option.



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Not a sideshow

If you order a burger – any burger – it comes with rosemary salted chips. They’re not an extra; they’re an essential.

You say potato

Our chips are fresh, not frozen. Always. It’s a full-time job (what takes us seven days a week, 12 hours a day, could probably be done in minutes if we had piles of frozen chips). We get ours from a farmer whose family has been growing potatoes for six generations.

Home from home

From the start, we wanted everything to taste homemade. Which means it has to be homemade – there are no shortcuts. So we make as much as we can ourselves, in our kitchens.


Our Somerset and Yorkshire chickens are traditional breeds, sustainably raised and always free-range.

They eat locally grown and milled grains topped up with whatever natural goodness they find while roaming the farm. They’re given the chance to grow at a natural pace, developing more fat and flavour. Exactly the same birds we like to cook at home.

Chicken & Bacon Gravy
Dip in

Chicken & Bacon Gravy

Rich and satisfying, it's good for pouring and dipping.

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Free-range grilled chicken breast, basil pesto, tomato, mustard mayo and rocket served with rosemary salted chips

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Homemade white cabbage coleslaw with mayo, parsley and mustard

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