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We’re Honest Chicken

We’re Honest Chicken, born and raised in Honest Burgers.

We’ve served free-range fried chicken specials at our burger restaurants on and off since 2017, earning a few fans along the way. It’s been a steep learning curve but lots of fun experimenting with brines, spices and flours to crack the crispy, juicy, golden fried chicken that we think is now good enough to stand alone.

Honest Chicken is powered by the same things that make up Honest Burgers: great British produce, homemade food, a simple menu, no fuss and great value. And of course our rosemary salted chips.

Our Somerset and Yorkshire chickens are traditional breeds, sustainably raised and always free-range. They eat locally grown and milled grains topped up with whatever natural goodness they find while roaming the farm. They’re given the chance to grow at a natural pace, developing more fat and flavour. Exactly the same birds we like to cook at home.